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Vibe Summer Offer Overview 2020

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Vibe Summer Activities 2020 Overview

Summer Activities 

Our Summer Programme runs from 27 July  -  28 August, as part of the One Knowsley SNAP (sports, nutrition, active play) activities.

All Vibe summer activities can be booked by emailing [email protected] 

This programme is in addition to the services we have continued to provide during lockdown and will not impact programmes we provide to other groups including; young carersNEETVibe Outdoors and, our Street-based offer

Our Mini Youth Clubs will run from Bryer Road and Our Place, on Wednesday's and Thursday's from 5:15pm - 7:45pm and will include games, character drawing, outdoor activities, exercise and life skills. Mini Youth Clubs are FREE to attend. 

Our Street Based Offer will continue throughout the summer, with Monday's in Prescot and Kirkby, Thursday's in Kirkby and Friday's in Huyton and Halewood. Find out more about street-based in our coronavirus updates

Our Online Offer will take place every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00pm - 8:00pm and is open to everyone borough wide via Zoom. Sessions will include quizzes and games, no-bake cooking skills and arts and crafts.Online Offer is FREE to attend. 

Our Summer Coaching Camp starts on 28 July and will run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30am - 2:30pm from Our Place, and will include; creating and tasting food sessions, multi-sports, outdoor activities, exercise, performing artsm craft sessions, character drawing skills, magic skills and mindfulness activities. Summer Coaching Camp is £10 per session or £20 for three sessions per week. 

To find out more: contact us.



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