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Tue, 08/06/2021

How do you feel about leaving Knowsley to complete your A levels?

A recent report in the Daily Express covered how any young person living in Knowsley had to leave the area in order to complete A Levels. 

Labour MP Maria Eagle, who represents Garston and Halewood, as “a slow-burning catastrophe” for the area.

She said: “Over time young families who aspire for their kids won’t move to Knowsley. We’ll end up with a desert of expectation, reinforcing a downward spiral in terms of educational achievement.

“Many pupils in Knowsley and Halewood have as much potential as anyone else but they tend to be poorer. The extra cost of travelling would be enough to take away the chance of academic achievement from these kids.”

Many of our young people travel by bus, train and bike to neighbouring boroughs to complete their A Levels, if you're one of them, get in touch and share your story - we will share them on our socials!