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We believe in the importance of relationships.

Relationships affect everything from health and emotional wellbeing, to employment prospects and social mobility. We know that too often, young people start their lives at a disadvantage. We are here to change the story for young people.

At Vibe, we offer great programmes and services that support young people to build positive relationships with themselves and others, and play a central role in creating vibrant communities.

Our expert staff are trusted adults who help young people make effective decisions and to choose a positive path. We show young people the impact they can have on the world – building their self-esteem, confidence, and aspirations for the future.

We believe in a collaborative approach – sharing our learnings and best practice across areas such as research and insights, curriculum and programme design, evaluation, and staff training. Our ambition is to continue to build the National Network for Teenage Relationships - by working in partnership, we know we can support more young people together than we could alone. We're starting locally, with the Knowsley Youth Partnership  along with our partners, Centre63 and Halewood Youth and Community Centre. 

Working together

At Vibe, we work together. With young people, with our youth team and with our partners. We run inspiring and inclusive clubs, activities, and programmes that help young people to build positive relationships with themselves and others, helping them to make a positive contribution to their community. Our activities are designed for 11-19 year olds, and up to age 25 for people with additional needs and disabilities. We’re here for all young people, regardless of their circumstances or background.


Vibe - young person in red coat

Our history

We ‘spun-out’ from Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council in 2014 to become Knowsley Youth Mutual. In 2020, we became Vibe – creating a new vision for the future of our youth services. We originated in Knowsley and, through collaboration with other organisations, we aim to build a network with national reach and impact.

Nationally, we are at a crossroads. Funding for youth work has been cut by nearly £1bn over the past decade, but the needs of young people continue to grow. To address this gap, we are delivering a renewed and exciting approach to youth services. 

Our theory of change

Working with young people to improve relationships is at the core of what we do. Our Theory of Change looks at young people's relationships over four stages:

Stage 1: Personal

We start by supporting young people to build a positive relationship with themselves – improving their self-esteem and self-awareness. Helping young people to be happier and more confident.

Stage 2: Interpersonal

We equip young people with the skills to empathise and communicate well with those around them - to feel confident in how they interact, and to build positive relationships with friends and family.

Stage 3: Advocacy

We encourage and enable young people to help those around them to build and maintain positive relationships with each other.

Stage 4: Community

Young people develop a sense of belonging and purpose and play a central role in creating vibrant communities.