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We offer a wide range of courses to suit your requirements.

Our courses are structured, professionally run, and follow national governing body guidelines to achieve recognised qualifications.

Our leaders bring the syllabus alive with creative tailored delivery to take individual experience and interest into account. The learning and assessment environment is designed to be relaxed and supportive. We offer a variety of courses both on and off the water, designed to utilise skills you didn't even know you have!



boys on climbing wall


National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS)

An award designed for individuals aged 7+ to progress in bouldering. It is for absolute beginners at level 1 to more experienced boulderers up to level 5. 

National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS)

Designed for individuals aged 7+ who want to get involved with climbing and learn the use of ropes and knots. It is for absolute beginners at level 1 and you can progress up to the advanced climber at level 5.

On the land 

Vibe - young person in harness


Total Commitment Training

A course developed to enable people of all ages to develop positive relationships, enhance their resilience, and utilise positive reflection techniques



 On the water

kayaks on the lake


Youth Sailing Scheme courses

  • Stages 1-4
  • Seamanship skills

National Sailing Scheme (16+)

  • Level 1 - Start Sailing
  • Level 2 - Basic Skills
  • Level 3 - Better Sailing
  • Seamanship Skills

Canoeing and Kayaking

  • Paddle Start award
  • Paddle Discover award
  • Paddle Explore award
  • Foundation Safety and Rescue training
  • Personal Performance awards

Powerboat training

  • Royal Yachting Association National Powerboat Level 1
  • Royal Yachting Association National Powerboat Level 2
  • Royal Yachting Association Safety Boat

Paddlesport Instructor

2-day entry level instructor qualification. This course is aimed at getting individuals prepared for the instructor course. 

Paddlesport Coach

2-day mandatory course for those wishing to progress onto a choice of 18 discipline specific coaching courses.

British Canoeing Paddlesport Leaders assessment

Aimed at paddlers taking on more responsibility and aiming for leadership.

British Canoeing Canoe and Kayak (Sheltered Water) Coach assessment

This is a discipline-specific award that give pathways, skills and coaching behaviours to help individuals progress through coaching.

Royal Yachting Association Safety Boat course (2 days)

Designed to provide knowledge for individuals who will be acting as an escort, safety boat, or coach boat for windsurfers, canoes, dinghies, or training activities.

 Professional Development

sailing boats on the land


First Aid at Work (Level 3) - 3 day course

This course is aimed at those who are responsible for more than 100 people. It includes the roles and responsibilities of a First Aider, accident reporting procedures, first aid kits, primary survey, assessing for injuries, and CPR for adults, children, and babies.

Emergency First Aid at Work (Level 2) - 1 day

This course is a practical course targeted at workers who are responsible for less than 100 people. It focuses on the key skills required to preserve life, prevent injuries from worsening, and promoting recovery. 

Water-based First Aid - 1 day

Covers the same points as the First Aid at Work qualification but with an additional focus on issues that may occur as a result of being in and around water.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Accredited Assessors (EAAS) Course

Designed for individuals over 18 who want more responsibility when it comes to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This award is nationally recognised.