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My typical workday starts at about 11am, I start with responding to any messages from young people and then head to our socials to check likes and comments so I can see what content is doing well and post to our story. I’ll have a little nose for inspiration and ideas from other youth provision accounts and then check my own account, Youth Cabinet and Elevate profiles for any mentions, retweets and opportunities on there.

Depending on what session I have later that day I’ll post in either the WhatsApp group or Facebook page to try and get everyone involved and excited for our session, I’ll give a text or call to those we haven’t seen in a while to check in. 

Next up is emails and checking out my to do list! I normally get lots of reminders for board and steering group meetings, requests for consultations and new youth opportunities. I reach out to those who have upcoming meetings and support them with any prep work or tasks, help with applications or references for new opportunities and distribute tasks and follow up actions from cabinet sessions. 

Then I’ll spend some time researching and creating content for our social media, our TikToks go down really well but take a fair bit of practice! I create any videos and get photos together and schedule some posts on Hootsuite. 

Next up is jumping on IYSS and prepping for my evening session, getting in touch with any guests and making sure we have spare games and quizzes to play as well my trusty kazoo which is now a favourite amongst Be Yourself and Youth Cabinet. 

I’ll take a break before my evening session begins and then jump back online for our video calls which have all been going really well and are normally the highlights of my day 😊 


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