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Wed, 07/07/2021


Vibe is delighted to announce a partnership with Halton Borough Council to provide Outreach services across Runcorn and Widnes. 

Starting Thursday 8 July, and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, between 7 pm – 9 pm, Vibe youth workers will be working with young people from Widnes and Runcorn, offering age-appropriate engaging interventions, across public spaces. 

Youth workers will be prioritising prevalent themes which could include mental health, criminality, substance misuse, sexual health and anti-social behaviour. Combined with signposting to stimulating diversionary activities that are safe, fun and provide opportunities to develop essential life skills.

Through street-based outreach sessions, Vibe will provide an offer to all, including to those who are highlighted as harder to engage and those who are less likely to

access traditional youth services.

Brian Rodgers, Business Development Manager at Vibe says: 

“Vibe youth workers are driven by our passion to reverse the disadvantage that many young people face or whose trajectory is to become ‘just another statistic. Our qualified trusted, expert youth workers are looking forward to positively engaging and supporting young people to make effective, informed decisions. 

Vibe has a proven specialist track record to effectively engage with all young people. This is a testament to our passion for young people our staff and their youth-focused, family supportive, holistic delivery approach. We are constantly striving to ensure the offer we deliver, is what the young people need to flourish and succeed.”

Vibe’s proven abilities and expertise have been demonstrated across alternative contract delivery in Knowsley, which has been running right through the lockdown. 

“We have proven that a presence in places and spaces where young people are congregating, means we can create interactions and relationships between local business owners, residents and people of authority e.g., Police, to positively impacting safety and reducing the potential for altercations, anti-social behaviour or incidents from occurring.”

Vibe will revisit hotspot areas weekly and familiarise themselves with the young people aged between 10 -19 (25 with SEND) who spend time there. Vibe Staff can provide advice on mental health issues, substance abuse, employment and education, sexual health, and by positioning themselves as a non-judgemental ‘trusted adult’ they can develop meaningful interactions with. 

For more information on the Vibe Outreach programme, contact [email protected] or call Steven on 07585 987 447.