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Knowsley Youth Cabinet work with local decision makers to ensure young people's voices are heard.

It is the chance for members to meet like-minded people their age, and to participate in national events around the country, such as the British Council Youth Convention. 

From social to political campaigns, Knowsley Youth Cabinet gives young people the chance to have their say and make their voices heard. Recently, the Cabinet had the chance to present in front of Knowsley Council as part of the Curriculum for Life campaign, asking commissioners to consider changes to the borough's curriculum. 

Knowsley Youth Cabinet organised a Knife Crime Q&A event, inviting the Merseyside Police Crime Commissioner to attend. The event gave the young people the chance to ask key decision-makers questions. One Youth Cabinet member, Amber, said: "The opinions of young people are often ignored and this was a great chance to have our voices heard".

The Cabinet meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month 5-7pm at Our Place. Email [email protected] for more information!




Knowsley Youth Cabinet - Latest Updates 

Stop the Knives Ending Lives Wins TWO National Crimebeat Awards 

Stop the Knives Ending Lives won the Youth Lead award at this evening Crimebeat Awards, and in a shock announcement, also won the High Sherriff’s Association Award, in recognition of the reach of the campaign, despite launching just days before last year’s lockdown. Led by MYP Jess, a pupil at St Edmund Arrowsmith, The Cabinet’s campaign aimed to raise awareness about the impact of knife crime through engagement with community partners and secondary schools across the borough. The initiative was developed following incidents of knife crime that have occurred in the borough including the tragic murder of Adam Ellison in 2017.

Jess said: “After our launch, we were put into the first lockdown in 2020, which meant that we couldn’t go to schools and youth clubs to share our campaign as originally planned. As a result of this, we adapted and relaunched the campaign on social media, reaching over 5000 people. This isn’t the end of Stop the Knives Ending Lives; we aim to expand our reach and continue to work with the community and support families like Adam Ellison’s and the ADAM Foundation.”

STKEL wins Crimebeat Award

Leadership meeting 

On the 5th February Knowsley Youth Cabinet presented to the Leadership Team of Knowsley Council. This was an opportunity to build their relationships with local councillors and decision makers, showcase and promote their work and gain support for future plans. Knowsley Youth Cabinet want to make positive changes within their community and speak up on issues that impact young people, by working together and building these relationships they hope to be able to make real differences. The results of Make Your Mark were shared and highlighted which issues are currently a priority for young people in Knowsley and the UK. The cabinet really enjoyed working with the leadership team and hope to continue this work in the future.

Knowsley Youth Cabinet Leadership Meeting


Curriculum for life

On the 24th February Knowsley Youth Cabinet presented to the Children's Scrutiny Committee, sharing their opinions on the current delivery of curriculum for life topics and providing suggestions for improvement. They spoke of the importance of learning life skills from a young age and how subjects such as politics, finances, relationships and positive mental health should become part of every day curriculum in order to support young people to develop into healthy, well rounded, self sufficient adults. 

Curriculum For Life - Knowsley Youth Cabinet


POSH (Pioneers of Sustainable Hope)

Knowsley Youth Cabinet received a small pot of funding from Scottish Power to do some work supporting the environment and tackling climate change. Here’s what they did - 

  • Purchased litter pickers and equipment and carried out a beach clean at Formby.
  • Bought lots of reusable straws to be given out to young people and the community to reduce single-use plastic.   
  • Developed and delivered an educational session with Family Night at Ourplace, looking at the importance of recycling and how to make seed bombs to use in the gardens or parks.
  • Got local decision-makers involved as well as young people and the community to create their Tree of Change. Every leaf on the Tree of Change is a pledge made by someone, promising to do their bit to help the environment.  
  • Took part in a climate change video expressing their views.
Knowsley Youth Cabinet - POSH Pledges

If you would like to get involved with Knowsley Youth Cabinet or find out more please email [email protected] or find us on Twitter and Instagram