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Ahead of International Day of Happiness, on 20 March 2021, young people at Vibe have been sending messages of hope to their local communities.

The messages came after a rise in reported loneliness across the Knowsley borough. The project, led by Vibe young people in Me Time and Open Access, aimed to brighten the day of local residents.

Dean Leake, Chair of Knowsley Youth Cabinet said: “As a cabinet, we decided to create these messages of hope to address the issue of loneliness within our community, as this lockdown especially has been difficult and overwhelming for so many of us. Whilst loneliness is normally associated with older residents, we want to recognise the fact that our young people are struggling too. We want to inspire them with confidence for their future, and let them know that they are far from alone in how they’re feeling”

100 ‘bags of happiness’ were created, each containing a message to bring hope and an image by a young person from Vibe, plus some lockdown essentials;

  • A positive affirmation to remind you to be kind to yourself
  • A coin to bring you luck and a tasty treat
  • Bubble wrap to pop your troubles away
  • An elastic band to remind you you will always bounce back
  • Love hearts to remind you you are loved
  • A teabag to make you feel warm inside
  • Sunflower seeds to remind you to always keep your chin up to the light
  • A jigsaw piece to remind you that you are an important part of your community.
Message of Hope

The bags were distributed to the Big Help Project, ForHousing and some locally nominated Knowsley residents.

Peter Mitchell, Executive Chair at Big Help said: "We were delighted to receive these Messages of Hope from the young people at Vibe. Young people are so often the target of sweeping negative stereotypes, but these young people exemplify a new generation that not only cares about people in society but steps up and takes meaningful action to make a positive contribution in our communities. We know that these messages of hope will have made a vital difference to those who received them, and we truly appreciate the whole team at Vibe for helping us to be there for people in Knowsley during these difficult times."

Charlotte Brookes, Operations Manager at Vibe: “As a youth-led organisation, we’re very proud of the campaigns our young people choose to champion. We know the latest lockdown has been particularly difficult for members of the Knowsley community, and I’m delighted that our young people have taken action to combat loneliness across the borough. We had an influx of anonymous nominations from our young people, so I hope that those residents that received a Message of Hope inside their bag of happiness have a great International Happiness Day.”

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